Advanced Education Series - Medical/Legal (25 Licenses)

Advanced Education Series - Medical/Legal (25 Licenses)

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Most healthcare practitioners try to do the right thing by their patients, but legal case opinions involving controlled substance prescribing reveal they often fall short in documenting medical decision-making and risk mitigation efforts. This Advanced Education Medical/Legal Certification Series will equip frontline practitioners with the tools needed to understand the evolving federal and state framework within which they must operate and comply or face devastating consequences—for themselves and their patients. But don’t fear the Reaper, the Licensing Board, or the DEA! This series has been developed for physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other allied healthcare practitioners who wish to understand the back story regarding current DEA and licensing board actions against healthcare practitioners for inappropriate prescribing and dispensing of controlled medications. The review will be constructive in nature and designed to encourage improved documentation of critical aspects of patient care involving decisions about controlled medications and coordination of care with the patient’s other healthcare practitioners. If the DEA or the licensing board come knocking, those who enroll in this series will be in an improved position to work with their legal counsel to mount a solid response to inappropriate controlled substance prescribing allegations. 

This certification comprises 15 hours, with 5 hours of live virtual, case-based discussion, along with 10.0 CE/CME credit hours. 

Course Outline
  • General Legal Framework for Controlled Substance Prescribing
  • Regulatory Requirements for a Valid Controlled Substance Prescription
  • Looking Glass Focus: “Reasonable Steps to Prevent Abuse and Diversion”
  • Looking Glass Focus: The Informed Consent Process & Meaningful Patient Education
  • The Evolving DEA “X” Registration: Current Legal Framework for Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders
  • The Regulatory Framework for Clinical Response to Medical and Recreational Marijuana
  • Use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
  • A Proactive Approach to Demonstrating Compliance with Controlled
  • Substance Prescribing Requirements: Moving from “what” to “how
  • Performing a Medical/Legal Chart Review
  • Medical-Legal Case Studies Designed to Facilitate Improved Documentation of Prescriber Rationale
  • Case Discussion #1
  • Case Discussion #2
  • Case Discussion #3
  • Case Discussion #4
  • Case Discussion #5

*must purchase by Dec 10, 2021. Content available Jan 2023.