Advanced Education Series-Cannabinoids (25 Licenses)

Advanced Education Series-Cannabinoids (25 Licenses)

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Healthcare professionals are part of the supply chain of every prescription medication, although risks may arise once the products are transferred to another person outside of any healthcare relationship. Because of this, clinicians need to always progress, utilizing best practices in pain management to ensure safe and efficacious pain management to the highest degree possible. In the last decade, interest in cannabinoids—specifically cannabis, primarily CBD—has increased, as a nonaddictive alternative to opioid analgesics. Interest on the part of patients and practitioners has fueled an enormity of research to better understand the therapeutic potential of a plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years. This Advanced Education Cannabinoids Certification Series provides an expansive understanding of a class of chemical compounds that may evolve into safe and effective analgesics. 

This certification comprises 11 CE/CME credit hours of modules with self-assessment quizzes, PLUS a bonus 4 hours composed of three segments: 1) summaries of key learnings, 2) case studies, and 3) faculty panel discussion.

  • Cannabis & Cannabinoid Pharmacology
  • The Endocannabinoid System Defined
  • Cannabinoid Clinical Applications
  • Cannabinoids and Pain Management
  • Behavioral Interventions for Marijuana Use Disorder
  • Pharmaceutical & Commercial Cannabinoid Products
  • Vape Technology: Addressing the Science and Safety Issues
  • Drug Markets, Pricing, and Policy
  • Cannabis & Cannabinoids Policy & History
  • Medical & Recreational Marijuana
  • Urine Drug Monitoring